How to Use Ultrasonic Technology for Massages

By LeafTV Editor

How to Use Ultrasonic Technology for Massages. Ultrasound can be used to provide a deep tissue massage with several benefits. The ultrasound waves can increase the blood flow to the treated area, decreasing healing time. They also can reduce edema and swelling, which are common sources of pain, and soften scars. The following steps will show how to use ultrasonic technology on massages.

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Step 1

Use the correct frequency. Ultrasound massage devices use sounds waves in the 800,000 Hz to 2 million Hz range with lower frequencies penetrating the skin more deeply but higher frequencies having more energy.

Step 2

Adjust the intensity. Higher levels carry more energy into the body and have a lower treatment time but also have a greater risk of injury. Professional ultrasound machines can actually burn tissue, but home devices are not this powerful.

Step 3

Set the average and peak intensity separately on many ultrasound massage devices. The peak intensity is the maximum energy delivered to your body while the device is actually transmitting. The average intensity is the average energy delivered over a complete on-off cycle. Both of these factors are important in achieving the desired effect.

Step 4

Apply the ultrasound gel to the area to be treated. This provides a conductive medium that allows sound waves to be transferred from the head of the ultrasound device into the body.

Step 5

Perform the ultrasound treatment according to the type of ailment or injury. Most therapies will consist of 5- to 10-minute sessions done two to three times per day until healing has been completed.