Learn how to perform this simple, step-by-step cranial-sacral massage technique, which involves putting your fingers in your patient’s ear. Sound strange? Maybe. But oh, does it feel great — and it relieves migraines, sinus pressure and much more!

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How to Use the Fingers-in-Ear Technique for Massages

Take your middle finger and put it over (not in) the ear canal.

Place your finger above the ear and below the ear.

Grasping the skull at the ear canal, rock the fingers back and forth, with the upper finger going forward and the lower finger going backward.

Hold for 10 minutes or longer, depending on your level of comfort. This helps drain excess fluid from the ear.


  • Great for sinus pressure, migraines and tinnitus.

  • Hold until no longer comfortable.

  • Effective as a pain reliever for earaches.

  • Some Parkinson’s patients have derived relief from this massage technique.

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