Everybody wants white teeth. Those that don’t probably have not discovered the many different teeth bleaching options available. Almost every local market carries teeth whitening products, yet nothing beats the results of using teeth whitening gel and a pair of teeth whitening trays. Bleaching trays and bleach used to be obtained solely from a dentist and were quite expensive. That is no longer the case. But there are a few simple steps which will maximize your teeth whitening experience and give you something to smile about.

Things You'll Need

Use Teeth Whitening Gel

Since maximum results come from using fitted trays, either obtain a pair from a local dentist, order them from an Internet company, or purchase a plastic mouthpiece that can be boiled and shaped to your teeth. Of course the former will provide quicker results, but the latter will ultimately work to whiten your teeth also. The goal is to have the bleach directly on the teeth. The direct contact of the surface of the tooth to the bleach makes the teeth brighter.

Teeth bleaching gel can be purchased at a local dentist, but many dentists will only sell bleach to customers who have already purchased bleaching trays. If you purchased your trays on the Internet or at a market, you can also buy bleach from those companies. Supermarkets now sell good quality teeth whitening syringes, but be careful and do your homework. Not all whitening gel is effective.

It is important to make sure your trays are form fitted to your teeth and are cut around the tooth line so no part of the tray extends onto the gums. Even the mildest bleach can irritate the gums if left on long enough. Although most of the newer brands of teeth bleach are concentrated and require only a few hours of bleaching time each day, some bleaching gel can be worn overnight. If the gums are exposed to the bleach for too long, temporary gum damage can occur. However, once you stop bleaching, your gums will heal.

When choosing a teeth whitening gel it is important to pay attention to the percentage marked on the tube. An optimal percentage is 16 percent. Some bleach comes as low as 10 percent. This bleach usually takes more time to whiten teeth and . Bleach that comes at 20 percent or higher is very strong and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Some people like to bleach one arch first and then the other. This way they can compare the color of each arch to better see the results. Bleaching both arches at the same time of course is also an option. Either way, if you have enough bleach in each tooth space and you wear the trays for the recommended amount of time, you will have a whiter and brighter smile, provided the bleach you purchase is a tested and recommended brand.


  • Each tooth space on the bleaching tray should have an oval shaped pea-sized bead of bleach. Taking a tray in one hand and the bleach syringe in the other, apply a bead of bleach into a tooth space, then take the tip of the syringe and spread the bleach over the area. It doesn’t have to cover the entire space because when the tray is applied, the gel will spread out. If you apply too much bleach it will ooze out the top. Figuring out how much bleach you actually need is a trial-and-error procedure. After the first day of use, you will have a better idea of the amount of bleach needed.

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