Dusting powders add shimmer and color to cakes, cookies and cake decorations. Shimmer dusting powers are available in different forms. Each type of dust ranges in color, sheen quality and size. The dusts are nontoxic, and they do not have any flavor. The edible dust simply adds shine to fondant cakes and can be applied dry to chocolates or mixed with an alcohol-based liquid to create a colorful paste that you can use to decorate a fondant cake.

Things You'll Need

Place 1/4 tsp. of shimmer dust into a bowl.

Add 2 to 3 drops of vodka or vanilla extract. You only need enough for the dust to absorb into the liquid.

Mix the ingredients with a small artist paintbrush.

Paint and decorate the fondant icing already applied to the cake.


  • Luster dust is available at craft and candy-making stores.