Sandalwood’s warm and soothing aroma inspires serenity and eases digestive complaints. Sandalwood’s active ingredients, santalols and tannins, give it a distinctive aroma, and helps stop bleeding and fight infections. Sandalwood or “chandana” is used in Ayurvedic healing. Although pricey, sandalwood joss sticks and incense bring pleasures and benefits too.

Things You'll Need

Breathe in sandalwood’s aromatic scent from a smoking joss stick. The aroma helps to ease the blues and promotes restful sleep. Blend with other woody scents such as frankincense or cedar to enhance the feeling of calm.

Explore sandalwood’s mystical benefits. Surround yourself in its aromatic bliss and stimulate the Root or Seventh Chakra, which promotes a healthy sense of identity and promotes trust. Burn sandalwood during a full moon to enhance your home’s spiritual energies.

Dilute pure sandalwood essential oil with a few drops of oil in a basin of hot purified water. Use as a steam inhaler to ease acne and dry skin.

Help to ease bronchial complaints by adding several drops of sandalwood oil to a bath or a vaporizer. This approach dries mucus.

Practice meditation or exercise accompanied by sandalwood’s aromatic smoke. The woody scent allows you to drift into other spiritual places. When you exercise, allow your mind to drift along the smoky tendrils as you visualize yourself hiking in the Himalayas. Imagines the aroma wafting from the trees that line your path. Transport yourself beyond the monotony of exercise.


  • If you have any condition that makes you sensitive to smoke, invest in sandalwood essential oil.