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Getting your retainer, mouth guard or other mouth appliance clean is sometimes time consuming. One way to clean your appliance quickly is to use a cleaner such as Retainer Brite, which is a tablet cleaner that dissolves in water. The solution in the tablet along with the bubbling action helps to clean your appliance. Using Retainer Brite on a regular basis keeps your appliance odor free as well.

Fill a glass tumbler with warm tap water. The glass needs to be large enough for the retainer or mouth guard to fit into and submerge fully in the water.

Drop one of the Retainer Brite tablets into the water. The water begins to turn blue and bubbly.

Insert the retainer or mouth piece into the water and allow it to remain in the water for 20 minutes.

Pull the retainer or mouth guard out of the water when the blue disappears. Rinse the appliance under cool running water. The piece is now clean and fresh.


  • Wire appliance only require five minutes soaking time.