One of the more important steps when giving a manicure is the use of a pumice stone. It’s a must for manicures. The pumice stone helps to loosen cuticles, remove dead skin and may help prevent hangnails. The proper use of a pumice stone may actually decrease the risk you may hurt yourself or your client.

Get the pumice stone wet or rub a little lotion into it. A pumice stone won’t work if it’s dry.

Soften any rough patches of skin around the nail by gently rubbing the pumice stone on the skin around the nail for a few seconds. You can also use the pumice stone to soften any rough patches or calluses on the hands, with your client’s permission.

Press gently at the nail bed and cuticle with the pumice stone to loosen the cuticle and remove any excess skin.

Avoid pressing too hard with the pumice stone or you could damage the skin and nail bed. Be gentle. You should never cause bleeding with a pumice stone. Confirm with your client that you’re not hurting them.

Dry the hand and gently push the cuticle back with an orange stick, metal pusher or plastic pusher.


  • Make sure you wash the pumice stone after use.

  • Pumice stones are great for removing any skin stains from chemicals.