When you want your hair style to stay in place, you need a haircare product that is durable and long lasting. Pomade, a thick and waxy product, is popular among both men and women to create defined looks that last. Your hair type and desired style will dictate precisely how you should use the pomade on your tresses.

Pomade for Men

Go for structure with a high-shine finish with pomade. Simply add a dime- to quarter-sized amount of product to your fingertips. The amount you use will depend on the thickness of your locks — use more pomade for thicker hair. Then, work the pomade through your hair. Once the pomade is applied, use a comb to shape into the desired style.

Tips for Women

Pomade isn’t just for men. Women with short pixie styles can dab a dime-sized amount of pomade into their hair, and shape it with their fingers. Curly-haired gals can work pomade through their tresses with their hands, giving waves more bounce while keeping them soft. For a touch of shine, women of all hair types can use their hands to apply a dab of pomade to their freshly dried locks.