Oil of Olay microdermabrasion products are applied differently from most other home kits, although they have the same cleansing and reversal of aging affects on your skin. It’s simple to use these items, and their softer crystals may work better for people with sensitive skin.

Things You'll Need

Rinse off your face and dry it gently with a towel. Rub a quarter-size portion of derma-crystals all over your face, but be very careful around your eyes and mouth. Massage the crystals into your skin for about one minute.

Put the activator serum onto your finger tips and wipe it over the microdermabrasion crystals. Prepare yourself for a warm sensation as the serum and crystals begin to foam. Continue massaging your face until all of the crystals have dissolved.

Splash cold water on your face to rinse off the residue from the Oil of Olay home product. Apply the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum or another moisturizer to protect your face after microdermabrasion treatment. Bring a small bottle of moisturizer with you to work so that you can continue to use it as needed during the day.

Use the Oil of Olay home kits 3 to 4 times each week for best results. Since these products mostly use soft sodium bicarbonate crystals, you may increase the frequency of your treatment with a smaller risk of skin irritation.

Work with the Oil of Olay microdermabrasion product to help reverse aging on other target areas of your body. Follow the same process for treating your neck or arms, but consider looking for a full-body product to cut down on the time it takes to cover all of the surface area. Remember to give your body rest time after using the cream for several days.


  • Pressing harder while working with the activator cream could help clear away more layers of dead skin.

  • If you apply Oil of Olay products while you take a warm shower, the steam will help your pores open up and may increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Be sure not to accidentally wash off the cream before all of the crystals have dissolved.