Home microdermabrasion kits can help exfoliate your skin and correct minor problems, although they often aren’t as effective as professional treatment. Neutrogena is one of many companies that makes an affordable home kit.

Things You'll Need

Remove any makeup that you’re wearing and gently wash your face without soap. If possible, try to use the Neutrogena home microdermabrasion kits in the evening before you take a shower. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it.

Stop taking or using any products that contain retinol, glycolic or salicylic acids at least 7 days prior to starting a home care kit. These compounds can make the microdermabrasion less effective and can cause mild side effects.

Attach the foam head to the Neutrogena microdermabrasion System Applicator. Dip the foam head into the microdermabrasion cream. Dot the lotion on several main areas on your face, like each cheek, the forehead and your chin.

Turn the System Applicator on and use it on the lowest setting for the first application. Spread the cream out and make sure that it covers all of your face, but be careful to avoid your eyes, mouth and nostrils. Rest the foam head gently on your face and avoid applying too much pressure.

Rinse your face off with cold water after using the home microdermabrasion kit and then pat your skin dry. Gently apply a mild moisturizing cream to your face. Double check in the mirror to be sure that you washed off all of the cream and wipe any leftovers off with your towel before they dry.

Continue to use Neutrogena home microdermabrasion kits every evening for the rest of the week. Try using the higher speed settings if your skin hasn’t become irritated. Only use the product every-other night if your face feels very dry.

Use the larger foam head if you want to apply the microdermabrasion cream to a larger area of your body, like you stomach or back. Follow the same guidelines for aftercare as you do for your face, but increase the frequency with which you apply moisturizer.


  • Neutrogena also makes a microdermabrasion cream that you can apply by hand if you don’t want to work with the electric applicator. This lotion may also be better for people with very sensitive skin, although it might not cleanse your skin as deeply as the applicator kit.