When your feet are tired or uncomfortable, a massage can really make a difference to the way that you feel. A good massage can increase blood flow to the feet and relax the muscles. To give the best massage possible for pain, you want to massage the whole foot.

Pick a lotion to use in the massage. Choose a foot lotion with healing properties.

Start with the heel and soles of the feet. Plan to massage the bottoms of the feet and then work your way up.

Press on the area with your thumbs. The feet are very tough and can handle a large amount of pressure without much discomfort. You can squeeze the foot as well while you rub with your thumbs.

Push in a forward motion as you massage the feet. Stretch the skin as you continually apply pressure to the area.

Use your knuckles to push across the bottom of the feet to provide a more intense massage and promote healing.

Move your fingers over the tops of the feet. Use your entire hand to work the area. Massage the ankle area as well to provide pain relief.


  • If the person is having localized foot pain, apply very light pressure to that area to avoid hurting them. Make sure you tell them that they must let you know if anything hurts during the massage.

  • You should spend an adequate amount of time massaging the feet if the person is suffering from foot pain. Plan to spend at least five minutes massaging each foot.