Manuka honey is from New Zealand. It comes from bees who gather the nectar from the Manuka tree. This honey is found to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Many have claimed that it helps certain conditions like eczema, acne, and even acid reflux. Active Manuka honey should be used. The higher the UMF factor, the better the antibacterial property.

Things You'll Need

STOMACH ULCERS, ACID REFLUX, AND OTHER STOMACH CONDITIONS: You will need to take the honey internally a few times a day. You can put a teaspoon in your tea, spread it on a biscuit, or even just swallow a teaspoon of it. The best method is to swallow a teaspoon of it so that it is not diluted.

ECZEMA, ACNE, WOUNDS, AND OTHER SKIN CONDITIONS: You can use the Manuka honey topically when treating skin conditions and wounds. It creates a barrier for the dressing. Then you can cover it with your bandage or dressing. While home, you can put it on acne or eczema without a covering, but bear in mind that it is quite sticky.

There are other conditions that research has shown can be helped with active Manuka honey. Some of these are sore throats, colds, and burns. I have used this for eczema with good results.


  • Try to get the highest UMF possible. A UMF of 12 or better is excellent.

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