How to Use Highlighters and Concealers

By LeafTV Editor

Cosmetic highlighters and concealers are designed to trick the eye into thinking that the skin it views is flawless in nature. Concealers can help to hide flaws such as under eye circles, age spots and other discolorations. Highlighters are designed to bring light to areas of the face to create shadows and a look of translucence. Highlighters can sometimes help to make minor color corrections as well as highlight an individual's best features. Used properly, these two different types of make-up wonders can give even mature skin the look of sheer perfection.

Concealer pencil and cosmetic powder
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How To Use Highlighters And Concealers


Identify the flaws and blemishes that need to be concealed as well as areas of the face to be highlighted.

Match the needs identified in the step above with the proper product to perform the function desired.

Choose the right type of highlighter based on how the product will be used and the type of skin on which it will be applied. Lightweight lotion and cream highlighters are recommended for use around the delicate eye area. Medium weight cream and stick highlighters are great for the nose area where pores tend to be larger. Heavier cake and stick highlighters help to contour and sculpt but are not recommended for delicate skin.

Swipe a lightweight highlighter across the upper eyelid to bring a natural looking light to that area of the face. Sculpt the nose with a medium weight highlighter drawn down the center of the bridge. Then add a darker foundation at the edges. Also use that type of highlighter to a receding chin to make it appear more prominent. Use a heavier cake or stick highlighter at the sides of a narrow face to give it more width and dimension.

Choose the right type of concealer for the job to be done as well as for the type of skin on which it will be applied. Lighter weight concealers come in pen, lotion and cream form which is perfect for delicate skin areas as well as all skin types. Medium weight concealers come in lotion, cream and stick form. They are great for hiding skin discolorations and can be worn by almost anyone. Heavy weight concealers come in stick and cake form. They are good for covering major skin blemishes. However, delicate skin may find this type of concealer dries out and distorts the skin's condition.

Swipe a lightweight concealer under the eyes to hide minor discoloration or use it to draw light to the eye itself by using it on the inside corners of the eye and just under the brow bone. Put a small amount of lightweight concealer in the center of the eye (once eye make-up is complete) to make the eyes sparkle. Use a medium weight concealer to hide minor scars, birthmarks, and skin discoloration. Apply one or more coats of a heavier weight concealer over major skin flaws or to cover up tattoos.


  • Choose highlighting colors that are geared to the skin tone. Many highlighters come in shades including ivory, peach and pink.

  • Concealers should match or go one shade darker than the natural skin tone. Anything darker will not likely blend in properly.

  • Opt for all natural highlighters and concealers whenever possible. They will be less damaging to the skin.