Whether you have straight hair that you want to look slick and shiny or curly hair that you want to straighten or style, smoothing products help add weight to your hair while preventing frizz. Smoothing products also add shine, making your hair appear healthier.

Things You'll Need

Start with a leave-in conditioner that adds to moisture to your hair while making it easier to comb through. The conditioner lets you smooth your hair without adding heavy styling products that might dry your hair out over time.

Use an anti-frizz spray or serum to smooth your hair. A light spray works well on straight hair, while a serum will help straighten curly or wavy hair.

Try a smoothing cream to create great flat hair that can be styled. The cream dries more slowly than a gel and allows for more pliable, fluid looks. However, smoothing gels do work better for thicker hair. The lighter creams may make thicker hair look straight but fluffy.

Use a smoothing mask at least once a weak to tame unruly hair. Say goodbye to flyaways by attacking dry hair. You can use deep moisturizing masks whenever your hair needs it, but for best results, a weekly treatment will prevent your hair from drying out.

Add styling products to your hair before blow drying. Using a hair dryer can actually aid in smoothing your hair. Plus, some smoothing products can produce a waxy build-up when added to dry hair.

Wash your hair less often if your hair looks dry and lifeless. Keep conditioning, but only use shampoo every other day. This lets some of your natural oils build up between cleansing, which can help smooth your hair.

Look for styling products that say “smoothing,” but don’t be surprised if the selection is limited. Most American products most often say “straightening” or “anti-frizz.”


  • Use your smoothing products sparingly to avoid weighing your hair down and making it appear limp. With some types of hair, you may only need to add smoothing products to the ends of your hair.

  • Pick up a flat iron and blow dryer to style your hair. Most smoothing products will only benefit from the added heat.