It seems almost inevitable that when an important event is coming up on the horizon, the human skin develops a rebellious mind of its own. Pimples, blemishes and other red splotches spring up overnight where there weren’t any before. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this problem in the cosmetic aisle of the local store—green concealer. Green is complementary to red on the color wheel and balances out too much redness in the skin. Blemishes that appeared overnight can be covered in a matter of minutes with this handy makeup tool.

Things You'll Need

Using Green Tint Concealer

Wash your face thoroughly to make sure that the area is clean before applying makeup.

Apply any skin toner and moisturizer that you normally would in your skin cleansing and makeup routine.

Dab a bit of the green concealer onto the area that’s too red. This should be done with a small, clean makeup brush. Try to avoid using your fingers to apply the makeup. The heat and oils from your skin can make blemishes worse. If you cannot avoid using your fingers, make sure they’re clean and that you use the ring finger of your hand. It’s the weakest finger on your hand and tends to pull on skin less than the other fingers, which causes wrinkles later on.

Blend the concealer so that it doesn’t have an “edge.” You don’t want a noticeable makeup line. People should see you and not your makeup.

Add a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation on top of the blended green concealer. Use a different makeup brush for this. This acts as a primer of sorts so that your foundation will look smoother.

Apply foundation to the area and to the rest of your face. This further ensures that you have no makeup edges and that your skin has the same overall look. If you do not have flawless skin—most people don’t—foundation goes a long way toward correcting the slight “unevenness” in skin tones.

Set your makeup by applying a pressed powder so that it doesn’t run or smear throughout the day.

Finish your makeup routine as you normally would by adding blush, eye makeup and lip color.


  • Sometimes blemishes and redness occur because the skin is not being taken care of properly. Often the best concealer is not makeup, but rather lifestyle. Beautiful skin starts with having a healthy lifestyle and diet that includes good nutrition, sunscreen and plenty of rest.