By Lisa Magloff

Glaze Pop is a commercial product – a colored, flavored sugar that is used to give popcorn a light coating of color, sweetness and flavor. Glaze Pop comes in 6 different colors and flavors; such as cherry pink, caramel and chocolate, and can be used at home, in small retailers and in larger commercial poppers. Using Glaze Pop is simple, and involves basically the same process whether you are using a small home popper or a commercial unit.

Glaze Pop is used to add color, flavor and sweetness to popcorn.

Step 1

Measure out the correct amount of oil and popcorn, according the instructions for your popcorn popper. Glaze Pop works best in poppers with a built in stirrer. If you are using a pot, pour in enough oil to cover the bottom, and then add popcorn until the bottom of the pan is covered in one layer.

Step 2

Turn on the popcorn popper, or if using a pot, place the pot on a medium heat. Allow the oil to warm.

Step 3

Measure out the Glaze Pop. Use half the amount of Glaze Pop as popcorn. So, if you are using a ½ cup of popcorn, add ¼ cup of Glaze Pop. Add the Glaze Pop to the popper slowly. If you are using a pot instead of popcorn popper, stir the popcorn while you add the Glaze Pop. Do not add any salt as the Glaze Pop already contains some salt.

Step 4

Pop the corn as per the manufacturers instructions for your popper. Allow the corn to pop, but turn off the popper, or remove from the heat, as soon as the popping slows down. Do not wait until the last kernel has popped, as the Glaze Pop may overcook and start to smoke.

Step 5

Pour the popcorn into a bowl. The Glaze Pop coating will be very hot – you will need to wait a few minutes before eating. Clean the popper according to the manufacturer's instructions.