Fondant is a sugar paste that is used to create a seamless appearance on cakes and other confections. The fondant can also be sculpted into almost any shape imaginable, from a person to a rose petal. To a novice cake decorator, fondant is intimidating. Using fondant to cover a square or circular shaped cake will allow a beginner to practice using the sugar paste. Once this technique is mastered, he can move on to more technical pieces.

Things You'll Need

Determine the amount of fondant required to cover your cake. For instance, a one layer, 6-inch round cake will require approximately 1 lb. of fondant to cover it completely.

Cover your hands with a light dusting of powdered sugar. This will ensure that the fondant does not stick to your hands.

Knead the fondant with your hands until it is pliable enough to be worked with. If the fondant becomes sticky from exposure to your body heat, add a small amount of powdered sugar to make it firm.

Cover your kitchen table and a rolling pin with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Set the fondant onto the powdered sugar surface and begin to roll it out with the rolling pin. Start in the center and roll out the fondant toward the edges until it is approximately 1/4 inch thick. Add extra powdered sugar to the fondant if it becomes sticky. Roll out the fondant as quickly as possible because it will begin to dry within 5 minutes.

Slide your hands, palms side down, underneath the fondant and carefully lift the fondant from the table and center it onto the cake. Take your time during this step as the fondant cannot be moved after it is set on the cake.

Smooth out the fondant on top of the cake with a cake smoother. Working from the top of the cake, work the cake smoother down the side until you reach all of the cake’s edges to smooth out the fondant and remove any air bubbles. Avoid using your hands to smooth out the cake as the heat emitted from your skin may leave marks.

Cut off the remaining fondant from the bottom of the cake with a sharp knife.

Allow the fondant to dry for five to 10 minutes before decorating.