Eyeliners give shape and definition to your eyes. Gel eyeliners are popular because they are softer in appearance than liquid eyeliners, glide on easily, and have lasting power. Create a bold, dramatic look with a thick line and multiple layers, or a more natural look with a finer stroke. Gel eyeliners come in many different shades, including navy, plum, gray, brown and black.

Things You'll Need

Hold the brush the same way you would hold a pencil. Dip the tip of the brush into the gel formula, coating it on all sides.

Dab the tip of the brush onto a piece of tissue or your hand to create a point at the end. Remove excess gel if necessary.

Look in a mirror. Close your eyes slightly or tilt your head backward to see the base of your eyelashes clearly.

Sweep the brush tip across eyelid with a steady hand. Start from the inner corner of the eye at the base of the lashes toward the outer corner of the eye.

Avoid blinking until the gel dries completely. If you move your eyelids before the gel dries, it may smear.

Repeat along the lower eyelashes if desired. If you line the lower lid, choose a softer shade than the upper lid color. Line the outer two-thirds of the eye for a natural look.


  • Apply eyeliner gel in dots along the base of each eyelash instead of a line for a softer look.

    Eyeliner is applied after eye shadow and before mascara.