A flare up of eczema can wreak havoc on your skin and your self confidence, especially if it appears on your face. You don’t have to abandon makeup because of this skin condition. By starting with clean, moisturized skin and adding the correct concealer and foundation, you can limit the appearance of dry, red skin. In some cases, eczema may be triggered by skin irritants so be skin vigilant when trying new products. Be prepared to try different brands until you find the right products for you.

Things You'll Need

Clean the skin with a cleanser suitable for your skin condition. Do not use cleansers that contain exfoliating beads — these can irritate or redden sensitive skin. Apply a non-greasy moisturizer. If sunscreen is a concern, use a sunscreen containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for the best results. Starting with clean, moisturized skin will help you achieve better makeup coverage.

Dab on green-tinted concealer to the skin areas you wish to hide. The green tint will offset any redness or discoloration in your skin. Choose a concealer that contains a moisturizer if makeup makes your skin feel dry. Allow the concealer to dry for 30 seconds.

Cover the green concealer with a concealer or makeup that matches your skin’s natural tones. Use a clean makeup sponge to apply the makeup to your face.

Set the concealed area with translucent powder or a mineral-setting powder. Swirl on the powder using a kabuki brush.


  • Perform a skin test on the inside of your elbow joint 48 hours before wearing a new concealer. If your skin reacts poorly to the makeup, try a new one.