When you have hair that is long enough to pull up, you are always looking for something new to use as a hair accessory. Using chopsticks to style your hair is quite fashionable and simple. The following steps are to learn how to use chopsticks to style your hair.

Things You'll Need

Purchase hair chopsticks at your beauty supply provider or salon. “Hair sticks” is another name for the chopsticks used to style hair.

Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair. Smooth back the sides securely while you tightly twist the hair at the base of your hair line or neck up into a knot. The size knot or twist will depend upon the length and thickness of your hair.

Push 1 chopstick down through the hair knot being careful to weave it in and out, as it goes through to catch hair from your scalp area as well as the hair knot.

Take the other chopstick and push into your hair in the same manner, except starting from the other side.


  • Use chopsticks with rhinestones to add a formal evening look or to add a little glitz.

  • You can even use actual chopsticks in your hair. They come in all sorts of wonderful colors, sizes and textures and might be right in your kitchen drawer.