The power of makeup is often underestimated. Makeup can take a round face and make it look sculpted and defined. With a little patience and practice of the techniques, you can control the look of your face by using makeup. For this technique, pick out a matte bronzing powder with no shimmer or glimmer and a highlighter color such as bright white or pale pink.

Things You'll Need

Examine your face in the mirror in a well-lit area. Notice the areas of your face that naturally recede, such as the hollows of your cheeks or your temples. Also notice the areas of your face that are prominent, or that you’d like to make more prominent, such as the cheekbones, brow bones and nose bridge.

Apply a light layer of the matte bronzing powder to your angled blush brush. Face your mirror and do not turn your head. Apply the bronzer to the areas of your face that recede. Then turn your face to further blend. Applying the bronzer head-on will help you get the best dimensions for your face. Blend the bronzer lightly in this area.

Use your fluffy blush brush to apply the highlighter color to the areas you want to stand out. Light will hit these areas and reflect off the highlight color to make them prominent.

Blend the highlighter color into the bronzer color with the fluffy brush. Rather than looking like two lines of color, blending them will make the look natural.


  • For a more intense sculpted effect, use cream colors as a bronzer and highlighter and use the powders over them.

  • To help you find the recesses of your cheeks, suck in your cheeks while you apply the bronzer.

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