A bun is a classic hairstyle, and it should be in your go-to style arsenal, particularly for bad hair days. Achieve a chic, messy look by using big clips to form a secure bun that will last all day.

Things You'll Need

Don’t wash your hair. Hair that is too clean will have less traction to hold the style in place. Pull your hair away from your face into a ponytail. If you have thick or unruly hair, secure the ponytail loosely with a ponytail holder.

Loosely twist your ponytail and curl it around itself so that the ponytail holder is concealed. Use one large jaw clip on either side of the bun to secure it to your head, or use an octopus clip over the bun itself.

Secure any loose pieces of hair with bobby pins. For a messier look, leave some pieces of hair out of the bun.

Spray your hairstyle with a fine-spray hairspray to keep it in place.


  • Look for jaw clips and octopus clips with a silicone grip on their interior. This will help keep the clip from slipping out of your hair.

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