Banana flavoring can be added to your favorite homemade or boxed cake mix recipe to create a tropical-themed cake or to spice up a plain cake recipe. Using banana extract will prevent the need to buy and store real bananas, and it will save you time in the kitchen by not requiring a large cleanup. Banana extract will produce a nearly identical taste to that of real bananas, but it will not provide the nutritional value.

Things You'll Need

Determine the amount, in ounces, of cake your recipe will yield. This information should be in the recipe book or on the cake box. If your recipe only gives a serving amount, note this value instead.

Preheat the oven to the required temperature as required for the recipe.

Combine the necessary ingredients (for example, flour, sugar and eggs) in a large bowl.

Add 1.5 tsps. of banana extract to the cake mix for every 20 ounces, or 10 servings, of baked cake to be made.

Mix the batter thoroughly.

Place the batter into your cake pan and bake as directed by the cake recipe.


  • Add yellow food coloring during mixing for a more authentic looking banana-themed cake.