In a makeup bag well-stocked with palettes and lacquers, the white pencil stands out as a secret weapon. Available in both a kohl or basic eyeliner, white pencils bring light to the face and add vibrancy and longevity to your favorite products. The small tip of a pencil makes it more precise than a powder or cream product, and it blends with the warmth of your fingertip. Streamline your daily routine with the help of a white makeup pencil.

Bright Eyes

Position yourself in front of a makeup mirror for a clear view of your eyes.

Place your fingertip underneath the center of your eye. Gently pull the skin down to expose your lower waterline, which is the portion of your eye that sits above your lash line.

Position the pencil at the edge of the waterline, close to the outer corner. Pull it across the section, until you reach the inner corner. Repeat on the other eye.

Place the tip of the pencil beside your tear duct. Lightly outline the “V” shape formed by the tear duct to give your eyes a bright and alert appearance. Repeat on the other eye.


Apply your base of choice, or skip foundation and concealer for a more natural look.

Place the tip of the pencil 1 1/2 inches beneath the center of your eye. Press it onto your skin in five short strokes, dragging it toward the top of your ear. Repeat on your other cheek.

Use the pencil to create a line that starts between your eyebrows and ends at the tip of your nose. Highlighting the nose will make your face appear more symmetrical.

Position the pencil at the left high point of your lips. Drag it down, then up until you reach the right high point. Highlighting the cupid’s bow gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Use your fingertip to blend the marks, using upward circular motions. Blend until all visible lines are softened.

Eyeshadow Base

Close one eye and place the pencil directly above your lashline and tearduct. Don’t sharpen the pencil before using it as a base, as a softer tip will provide creamier and more even coverage.

Use a windshield wiper motion to apply the pencil to your lid, working toward the outer corner. Apply color from the lashline to the crease of your eye, where there is a visible fold, until you achieve an opaque finish. Repeat on the other eye.

Apply your eye shadow over the white pencil for a more vibrant and long-lasting finish.