How to Use a Denmark Pressure Cooker

By LeafTV Editor

The Denmark Pressure Cooker is lightweight and easy to use, and it produces succulent roasts and stews. It can be relied upon to cook recipes that usually take eight times as long in much less time and with perfect results. You will learn how to use this cooker and learn some safety precautions.

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How To Use A Denmark Pressure Cooker

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Check the pressure cooker every time you use it. The rubber gasket must be supple, without cracks or pits, and fit snugly around the lid. Rub vegetable oil around the gasket to keep it soft. The pressure vent must be clean. Run a pipe cleaner down the vent to brush away any debris that may have collected.

Pay attention to the liquid level in the pressure cooker. The Denmark has a "fill" line. Add liquid to that line before adding other ingredients. No matter whether you are cooking potatoes, meat or vegetables, you must add liquid for the cooker to have moisture to create steam.

Fill your Denmark pressure cooker with food no more than two-thirds full, then place the lid on and secure it. Put the lid on high flame on the stove to build up the pressure inside the pot. When sufficient pressure is reached, the pot will make a whistling sound.

Put the pressure cap down on the pressure vent. The object is to cook the ingredients in the pot at the lowest flame you can but still keep the pressure cap rocking slightly. Once you have achieved the correct heat, begin timing your food. A rule of thumb is that it takes an eighth of the time of normal cooking to complete a dish by pressure cooking. Denmark pressure cookers reach 15 lb. per square inch of pressure, and cooking times are suggested in the Denmark manual.

Turn off the flame and allow the pressure to drop naturally once the correct time has been reached. Never attempt to hurry this process by running cold water over the lid.

Allow 10 to 15 minutes before carefully lifting off the pressure cap. If steam is still escaping, do not remove the lid. Once it is safe, release the locking mechanism, and you will find your food perfectly cooked, tender and moist.


  • Cut stew meat, potatoes, parsnips, carrots and onions the same size. Because they are dense foods, they will all cook at the same time. Keep a pressure cooker diary of time it takes for each recipe.