How to use a Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Insert

By LeafTV Contributor

The Bumpit is a hair accessory that adds volume to you hair. It's relatively affordable, and gives your hair more volume on the top of your head. This style is fun whether you're wearing a ponytail or heading out for a night with the girls. Using the accessory also means you don't have to fully tease your hair to get a pouf on top. Instead, you just hide the Bumpit under your hair.

  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Mirror
  • Brush

Brush your hair straight back from your forehead. Spritz it with a small amount of hairspray for extra hold.

Make a part across the crown of your hair, two to three inches inches behind your hairline.

Grasp the front section and hold it straight up. Tease the hair closest to the scalp lightly with the comb included in the kit.

Place the Bumpit on your head, underneath the section of hair you are holding up.

Pull the parted hair over the Bumpit and arrange it so that you cannot see the product. Spray hairspray over the bump. For extra support, use the bobby pins to hold the hair securely below the hair bump. If you can still see the accessory, repeat this process using a larger section of hair.

  • If you have bangs, gather and separate them with a bobby pin before putting the accessory in to avoid flyaway hair. After you have the bump in your hair, let your bangs down and style them as usual.