Sometimes confused with a urinal, the bidet is a traditional French plumbing fixture used to cleanse the genitals and anus. It is used in place of, or in addition to, wiping.

The bidet is meant to properly cleanse both internally and externally, therefore, the method employed in using it doesn’t differ drastically from male to female. Whether you want to keep as clean as possible, or you simply want to experiment with this bathroom aide, using a bidet is easy.

Things You'll Need

Turn the nozzles of the bidet’s faucets to create a gentle stream of water at a desirable temperature. The water will emanate from the bottom center.

Hover over the seat and get comfortable. You can sit all the way down on most modern bidets, or you can continue to hover during use.

Sit or hover over the bidet for about two minutes, so the water stream can adequately clean your private areas.

Turn off the faucets of the bidet.

Wipe yourself with a sanitary wipe to dry and further cleanse your vaginal, perineum and anal areas.

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