Blackberries are deep purple colored berries with a slightly bitter taste. They can easily become a favorite summer-time treat. Blackberries can be found in a variety of different dishes. They can be found in cobblers, pies and other dessert dishes. Freezing extra blackberries will safely store them for later use. Unfortunately, thawing out the blackberries isn’t quite as easy as freezing them. Their high water content creates a kind of mush when you thaw them out slowly. This may be fine, if you plan on using them in cobblers or other dessert dishes. However, if you want your berries to retain their shape, you are going to have to have to find a different way to thaw them out.

Slow Thaw

Wash and dry a large plastic tray. Place a clean dry towel on the bottom of the tray. The towel will catch the water from the thawing blackberries.

Remove blackberries from the freezer and place them onto the tray. Set a kitchen timer for 20 minutes.

Spread the blackberries out a bit after the timer goes off. If the berries have been stored in a baggie, they will start to fall apart and loosen from each other. Gently try to flatten the bag to make the blackberries lay evenly on the tray.

Check to see if the blackberries have completely thawed after another two hours. The amount of time it takes while largely depend on the amount of blackberries you have thawing.

Fast Thaw

Lay a paper towel inside your microwave. You can also place a large microwavable plate if you prefer.

Place the bag of blackberries onto the paper towel. Try to spread the bag out to where the blackberries are laying flat as possible.

Close the door and turn the microwave on for one minute. Use a defrost setting. Check them after the full minute is up.

Spread the bag out once again to get the blackberries to lay in an even layer. Be careful not to mush the berries.

Run the microwave again for another minute on defrost. Continually check the berries after each minute. Remove any that are thawed each time you check.