Long associated with the goth and punk subcultures, the undercut hairstyle trend has been embraced as an edgy and modern look. The undercut is a less severe version of the undershave, where the hair at the sides and back of the head are shaved completely down while the top is left long. Undercutting allows the longer hair to curl over the shorter hair beneath it and provides a lighter look that is easy to manage. Undercut hairstyles can be worn by both men and women.

Wet the hair. This will make it easier to separate, stretch and cut.

Separate the hair into layers. These can be placed anywhere along the front, sides or back of the head, and you can create many different layers, or just two.

Cut the bottom layer of hair. If there are more than two layers (bottom and top) then keep each progressive layer longer than the last but shorter than the next. Length and number of layers vary by desired style.


  • Try different lengths and placement of undercuts to discover a number of different looks and styles.