It’s a Friday night, you’re headed out the door to meet up with your girlfriends and you do a last-minute beauty check. Your hair looks great. Makeup is impeccable. But you forgot the perfume! When you go to give yourself a mist of fragrance, the sprayer is clogged. Drat! Luckily, it only takes a minute or two to fix the sprayer and be on your way.

Things You'll Need

Untwist the perfume sprayer from the top of the perfume bottle.

Submerge the top of the sprayer in a small glass of hot tap water. Let the sprayer soak for 30 seconds to soften the clog.

Remove the sprayer from the water and wipe the front of the sprayer with a soft cloth to remove any residue that is blocking the opening.

Use the pointed end of a sewing needle to remove any more built-up residue from the sprayer.

Test the sprayer. Once the perfume starts flowing again, place the sprayer back into the perfume bottle. Twist to secure and use!


  • If removing the clog doesn’t work, transfer the contents of the perfume bottle to a new, refillable glass perfume bottle. These are available at craft and hobby stores.