Turning bar soap pieces into liquid soap is an easy process. Normally when soap bars become too small to lather, they break easily and are then thrown away. There is a way to save those pieces, as well as save money. You can gather the broken pieces of bar soap and transform them into liquid soap. Whether you want to add your own special scent or make a plain liquid soap, it can be done with a few household items.

Things You'll Need

Shred or cut the pieces of bar soap into small sizes. Measure one cup of soap and put it into a pot, then add two to three cups of water to it. Turn the temperature to medium heat.

Stir the soap occasionally in the water until the soap pieces are melted. Add the glycerin and the grapefruit seed extract. Pour two drops of the scent of your choice, such as lavender or vanilla fragrance oil, into the melted soap and stir thoroughly.

Allow the melted soap pieces to cool in the pot and then pour the contents into glass or plastic soap dispensers or bottles. Before using your liquid soap, shake the bottle for a few seconds.