Strapless bras are the ideal solution for when you don’t want those pesky straps to be seen, but some women need a bit more support in order to feel comfortable. Halter tops and halter-style dresses are fairly prolific, but the proper undergarments for these silhouettes aren’t always readily available. A few simple steps will transform an ordinary strapless bra into one perfectly suited for a halter look.

Things You'll Need

Converting A Strapless Bra Into A Halter Bra

Purchase a detachable, adjustable bra strap. These can be found in most craft stores. Choose a color that best resembles the shade of your bra.

Locate the two front slots on your strapless bra. These are usually located on the outer edge of each cup.

Insert and hook one side of the detachable strap to one of the two front slots. Attach the other side of the strap into the other front slot.

For a more secure fit, take a needle and thread and carefully sew the tip of the strap to the inside of the bra, where the slot is located. This will ensure that even if your hook comes undone, your strap will remain securely fastened.

Adjust the tightness of the strap for optimal comfort. If the fit is uncomfortable as a whole, inspect your bra to determine if there are any additional slots as some bras contain several slots to ensure a perfect fit.