As the name implies, coconut oil is the liquid extracted from coconuts, although most packaged coconut oil has a consistency similar to a thick lotion or whipped butter. Coconut oil is sometimes used as a hair and scalp treatment. According to the New York University Langone Medical Center, coconut oil treatments may help prevent hair damaged caused by combing. The moisturizing qualities of coconut oil may also rehydrate hair and treat dry skin on the scalp.

Things You'll Need

Scoop the coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl. Use slightly more oil than the amount of hair conditioner normally used for your hair.

Put the bowl in a microwave and heat it up at 50 percent power for five to 10 seconds. The short heating period softens the oil and makes it easier to work with.

Scoop the oil out of the bowl with your hands and rub it into your scalp and hair. Run your fingers throughout all of the hair to ensure the oil comes in contact with each strand.

Put a shower cap on and allow your hair to absorb the oil for 30 minutes.

Rinse your hair under warm running water to remove the oil.