Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle form of body work that eliminates toxins from the body. Especially helpful for people who want to eliminate cellulitis, reduce the symptoms of skin disorders, boost the immune system or increase metabolism, lymphatic drainage is gentle and non-invasive. A few tips will give you an idea what techniques are used to treat the lower body with lymphatic drainage.

Work the torso of the body, including the back and chest, before using lymphatic drainage massage on the arms and legs. The lymph nodes are located between the skin and the muscle, so you only need to apply light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Begin working the lower body at the knee with your client face up on the table. Press your entire palm into the inner thigh, pressing down and up gently. Repeat with your other hand and continue crossing one hand over the other until you have applied five strokes.

Repeat the same technique on the top and side of the leg, always working up towards the torso. Work the lower leg in the same manner, beginning on the inside of the ankle and working towards the knee with five strokes. Complete the lymphatic massage on the top of the leg and the outside of the calf as well.

Continue these techniques on the opposite leg. Remember that lymphatic drainage massage does not require that you move your hands along the skin of your client. You simply press gently with slightly upward pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Complete the lower body treatment by returning to the stomach and stimulating the four corners of the stomach. Using the same gentle pressure, apply pressure below the right ribcage, below the left ribcage, above the left hipbone and above the right hipbone.