The rash caused by poison sumac is best described as an itchy, scaly, blistery rash. It is caused by the skin coming in contact with the oily sap of the poison sumac plant. The recovery is very uncomfortable, and without proper treatment, the rash can spread causing even more distress. The following steps will teach you how to treat a poison sumac rash.

Things You'll Need

Wash the affected area immediately with antibacterial soap and water. This will reduce the chance of spreading.

Apply calamine lotion to a gauze pad.

Apply the gauze pad to the area where the poison sumac rash is present. Secure with tape. This is the best method for continous relief.

Wash hands immediately, several times. This is so you do not spread the rash to other areas. Traces of the oils can still remain on your hands, even after washing. So do more than one.

Try not to scratch the area where the rash is. This will only irritate it more, and possible cause it to spread.


  • Pay careful attention when hiking or in brush filled areas, not to come in contact with the plant. This will prevent the misery of acquiring the rash.