Emu oil is a natural product obtained from the fat of a bird that only lives in Australia. Used for over 1000 years in folk medicine, it has become a popular ingredient in many over-the-counter drugs that treat skin problems, including burns, acne scars, cracked heels and bruises. Emu oil is hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory, making it ideal to use in people who cannot tolerate other drugs.

Buy cream created specifically for treating spider veins. While many are available over the counter, a product that offers a combination of vitamin K and emu oil may offer the best results. As the cream penetrates the skin, it causes a reduction in inflammation and allows for better circulation and more rapid healing time.

Choose pure emu oil if you want more intensity. To use it, apply it directly over the area you want to treat, and then massage slowly in a large circular motion until all the oil is absorbed. Repeat several times a day for about 4 weeks.

Use emu oil to treat spider veins if you don’t mind the work involved in the treatment. Since you may need to apply the oil consistently for at least a month before starting to see results, this may not be the best treatment choice for people who get bored easily or want visible results quickly.

Allow at least 10 minutes after each treatment for the oil to be completely absorbed before redressing. This is especially important if you are wearing light-colored clothes or highly absorbent materials, as the emu oil may cause staining.

Make sure the emu oil you use to treat spider veins is not “watered” down with other ingredients. Since emu oil is expensive to produce and import, some companies mix it with other oils (especially essential oils) in order to maximize their profits. However, this often reduces the efficiency of the oil. Always read labels to make sure you are buying 100 percent emu oil.


  • The use of emu oil is rather controversial because it involves killing a bird that has been on the endangered list before. If you have concerns about this issue, explore other options and give emu oil a pass.

  • Always massage the skin with emu oil rather than simply smearing the oil on it. This will increase absorption, and it will also produce relief from pain, swelling and discomfort caused by the presence of the spider veins.