How to Treat Spider Veins With Blue Light Therapy. Blue light photodynamic therapy is used to treat several problems of the skin and the veins immediately below it. Since blue light contains no UV rays, it can be used on the skin to treat problems like spider veins without the risks of prolonged exposure to light. Blue light therapy can also be used to treat sensitive areas, such as the face, without causing burns or scars.

Try blue therapy at home to treat your spider veins. Lamps can be used in nearly every type of major home appliance and provide a mild therapeutic effect with mild results. This is optimal for leg veins that are not very noticeable or for people trying to avoid recurrence after treatment.

Visit your doctor for intense blue light treatments if you have a problem that is more serious or want quicker results. The lamps used by medical offices are not available for home use due to their intensities and the high risk of blindness if the lamps are applied directly to the eyes, so the effects can be seen rather quickly.

Choose blue light therapy if you are worried about down time, pain, discomfort and scars. None are a concern with blue light photodynamic therapy, which is why the procedure is recommended during the summer and for people who have fair skin and tend to bruise easily.

Expect to spend an average of 40 minutes at the doctor's office. You will do this weekly for about 2 months, or until your doctor concludes that further treatment won't be necessary. While other types of treatments for spider veins, including laser and sclerotherapy, are relatively quick, blue light therapy requires more time to produce results.

Give your body enough time to show the appropriate results. Spider veins treated with blue light therapy often shrink slowly, reducing inflammation and losing their intense coloration in the process. Since the effect is not dramatic, many patients mistakenly believe the treatment has been ineffective.


The use of blue light does not produce a tanning effect, so people should not confuse it with a tanning device. There is no pain or discomfort associated with the use of blue light therapy. Let your doctor know if you are taking medications, as some of them can intensify the effect of the lamps.


Pregnant women should consult with their doctors before using blue light therapy, although most can undergo treatment without any risks or complications. Light should not be used to treat facial veins without medical supervision and proper equipment to protect the eyes.