In addition to traditional methods of treatment for cellulitis, some people also seek out alternative therapies for relieving the symptoms of the condition. It should be noted that the majority of alternative treatments for cellulitis do not have scientific research to back up their effectiveness, but many people claim to have experienced successful results.

Things You'll Need

Take nutritional supplements to help boost your immune system to prevent cellulitis alternatively. Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc have been shown to be helpful in soothing the skin during the healing process while strengthening the body’s immune system. Bromelain, a nutritional supplement that is taken orally before and after meals, may reduce the inflammation of tissue under the skin, especially when taken in combination with a turmeric supplement.

Use herbal remedies to treat cellulitis alternatively. Echinacea is taken in pill form to assist the body when it is fighting off infection. It is also used in a gel or cream form, which is rubbed on the body to reduce inflammation. Some herbs, such as yarrow and goldenseal root, can be combined with warm water in a bath to help ease the pain and itching associated with cellulitis.

Use acupuncture to alternatively improve the effectiveness of the immune system as it fights off cellulitis. It’s extremely important to talk to your acupuncturist about areas of infection before undergoing acupuncture treatment, as it will be necessary to use caution when working with skin that is infected. Your doctor may be able to recommend an experienced acupuncturist in your area.

Get massages as a method of helping to prevent cellulitis alternatively. Massage is used in combination with exercise to improve the body’s circulation, which may help the immune system remain strong. Massage should never be used when you are experiencing an occurrence of cellulitis, as you do not want to disrupt the healing, but it may be effective in helping prevent future cases.

Talk to a homeopathic practitioner about forms of treatment to care for symptoms of cellulitis alternatively. Homeopathic treatments are customized for individual patients, so you will need to meet with a practitioner to determine the appropriate plan based on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Homeopathic treatments may help reduce the anxiety and inability to sleep sometimes associated with cellulitis.


  • Always let your doctor or healthcare provider know about any alternative treatment methods you use to treat your cellulitis so that he can adjust his recommended plan to treat your cellulitis accordingly.