Bloating is a common problem shared by many, with two major complaints being abdominal fullness and gas. Although it can be a symptom of disease or illness, many times the cause has more to do with lifestyle and eating habits. If you have ruled out the more serious causes, consider some of the ways to cure your bloating naturally.

Keep a diary of what you eat and drink. Sometimes bloating is the result of the same group of foods. The diary will help you find the culprit and decide your course of action, such as avoiding the foods that are obviously causing problems. These may include fried foods or vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli or beans. You may also have to eliminate foods with high sugar content from your diet.

Change the way you eat. Do not overeat; take smaller bites and chew your food well. Digestion starts in the mouth, where saliva starts to break down the food before it gets to your stomach. Give your body a chance to do the job correctly.

Get rid of constipation. A diet with the proper balance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can improve digestion and help regulate your bowel movements. Some may benefit from a colon cleansing. This can be accomplished with colon hydrotherapy or a combination of herbs and special drinks. Refer to the resources below for more information on these two methods.

Brew 1/2 tsp. fennel seeds in 8 oz. of water to make a tea that helps relieve bloating and gas. The seeds, when chewed up and eaten after a meal, not only aid digestion, but also serve as a breath freshener.

Reduce your stress level. A meal enjoyed with family and friends in relaxed environment is much better for your digestion than standing at the counter, gulping down your food.

Exercise more often to increase circulation and maintain muscle tone. Strengthening abdominal muscles will improve your posture and help hold your organs in place. Good blood flow is necessary for all bodily functions.


  • Some gas is a normal result of digestion. Unfortunately, you and the people around you will never be completely gas free.