We do a lot with our hands: wash the dishes, clean the house, wash cars. So it’s easy to see why every once in a while one of our nails decides to split. This is especially true during the colder winter months when our hands and nails are dry and susceptible to breaking. You can take care of a nail that is split right at home quickly and easily.

Things You'll Need

Clip the nail that you have split right away. Clip it as short as you can so you can prevent any more splitting further down the nail.

Apply an antibiotic ointment if the split nail is painful. The ointment will ease the pain and prevent an infection at the split.

Bandage the split nail right away to prevent any dirt from getting in and causing an infection. A bandage will also help prevent any further splitting.


  • To prevent split nails from happening in the future, take good care of your nails. This may require moisturizing them every day or wearing gloves when doing household chores that may dry out your nails. Also, use nail polish remover sparingly. When used often, nail polish remover can really dry out nails making them susceptible to splitting and breaking.