Hair tinting or coloring is the easiest and fastest way to change your appearance dramatically. There are various types of hair tints such as permanent tints, semi-permanent tints, and natural tints including henna and other vegetable tints. Permanents tints should be combined with hydrogen peroxide in order to increase hair color by penetrating the cortex through hair cuticles. Semi-permanent tints can last up to twenty washes on average, slowly fading away every time you shampoo your hair. The natural tints are made of natural ingredients and extracts from herbs and vegetables, and they do not strip any color from the hair. Vegetable tints usually last for eight washes, and do not cause any side effects, unlike chemical dyes. Different tinting techniques are suitable for different hairstyles and different types of skin. It's always good to get some advice from hair experts before applying hair tints.


Discuss with your hair expert or stylist the color you would like to apply to your hair. If you are dark skinned, opt for dark shades like black, brown or gray. Shades for brunettes can range from bronze and honey shades to chocolate brown, which gives extra shine. People with olive skin tones can apply black tints to get a gorgeous look. Always choose hair tints in such a way as to complement your body's skin tone. For light-skinned people, blond and honey tones are attractive.

Prepare the mixture of the dye you wish to apply in a bowl. You can also get commercial hair-coloring products like Garnier or L'Oreal if you are not interested in homemade dyes. These dyes can be applied directly using a dye brush on your hair.

Prepare natural homemade tints to avoid damage to hair. Homemade henna hair colors and other vegetable extracts are safer than using chemical dyes. Apply henna to strengthen hair stems and get a shiny look. Henna is a temporary tint and can normally last for 8 weeks. For preparing henna tint, mix the right amount of henna powder based on your hair length with boiling water, and let it cool for some time. Then add olive oil and egg yolk and blend the mixture well. Walnut shell extracts can also be used for making brown tints, and can be prepared in a way similar to henna mixture. Mix walnut powder with boiling water in a bowl to form a thick paste and let it cool for ten minutes. Then mix avocado oil and lemon juice with it to form a mixture.

Apply the prepared dye mixture on damp hair evenly using a dye brush. Once you are done applying the hair tint mixture, pile the hair on your head, then cover it using a plastic cap. Wrap a bath towel around the cap and allow the dye mixture to warm for two to three hours.

Rinse your hair using warm water and apply some hair conditioner or shampoo to remove the mixture from the head.


  • Opt for vegetable hair colors for healthy hair.