If you’ve recently experienced a significant weight loss, you might be left with loose or saggy skin. If you skin does not hang enough to warrant plastic surgery, you can tighten up your skin at home. Here’s how.

Exercise. Aerobic exercise promotes circulation, and circulation helps tighten up skin. To supply your body with plenty of oxygen, go for a walk for at least thirty minutes every day.

Lifting weights is even better. Lifting weights will increase the size of the underlying muscles, which support the saggy skin. This is particularly helpful with “batwing” skin on the back of the arms.

Dry brush. Using dry brushing techniques, you can increase circulation to your skin. This helps tighten up the saggy skin. Make a habit of dry brushing your body every morning before a shower. Many people in India tout dry brushing as a way to maintain tight, youthful skin.

Massage your skin with organic coconut oil every day. This rich emollient will penetrate the skin, rather than laying on top of the skin. It helps to rebuild and tighten skin cells.