How to Tie Wrap Pants

By LeafTV Contributor

Wrap pants are simple, loose-fitting pants that tie around the waist, without using a zipper or buttons. You can wear the legs of the pants in a variety of styles, depending on how long you want them and how much skin you want to show. Although wrap pants may include slightly different waistband and leg styles, most of them tie in basically the same way. You can wear wrap pants by themselves (if you make sure to tie them securely) or wear leggings, tights or even sweat pants underneath for cold weather.

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Line up the top of the front of the wrap pants with your waist. (Most wrap pants are the same on the back and front, so it doesn't matter which way you wear them.)

Wrap the sides of the pants around you, and tie the ends of the waistband behind your back like an apron. Tie the ends of the of the waistband into a bow.

Pull the back of the pants between your legs. Pull the back waistband of the wrap pants up to your waist.

Wrap the waistband of the back of the pants around your front and tie the ends in a bow. Tuck the ties of the wrap pants inside the waist if you don't want them to show.

Adjust the sides of the wrap pants to completely cover your legs, or let them show, depending on the look you want and where you're wearing the wrap pants.

Leave the leg openings of the wrap pants loose, or tie the lower corners of fabric on each leg together in a knot on the sides of the ankles. Or, for a more snug fit (or genie style wrap pants), bring the lower corners of fabric around to the inside of each ankle and tie them in a knot.

For breeches style wrap pants, roll up the pants to knee length, and tie the lower corners of fabric in a knot. Tuck the ends of fabric inside the pant legs if desired.


  • Most wrap pants are designed to fit men or women in a variety of sizes. If your wrap pants have drawstrings on the top of the front and back, you may want to adjust the fullness of the fabric before tying them on. You can shorten the length of the wrap pants when you tie the knots at the sides of the legs.

  • To remove the wrap pants, simply untie the leg knots and the bows in the waistband.