A head scarf is a piece of fabric used to cover the top of your head and your hair. They are worn for many purposes, such as a warm covering, for cleanliness, for fashion, for religious purposes, to hide hair loss, or for other social reasons. There are also other practical reasons, such as when your hair is dirty and you do not want anyone to notice, A head scarf is a great accessory for almost any outfit. Choose a head scarf that matches the print or colors of your outfit for a very coordinated look.

Retro Headscarf

Fold a medium to large head scarf diagonally to so that it forms a triangle or V shape.

Tie the scarf around your head, so that the point is at the nape of your neck and pointing outward.

Pull the point of the scarf up and over the back of your hair. The point should be resting on top of the knot you have tied.

Tie another knot over the point, so that it forms a small flap over the top of your head.

Tuck in any loose hair or open parts of the fabric flap so that it fits securely under the knot. You may need to use bobby pins to hold the fabric tightly against your scalp.

Classic Convertible Cover

Fold a head scarf in a triangle or V shape. Tie over your head so that the flat part of the scarf is three to four inches back from your forehead, allowing your bangs or the front part of your hair to show.

Tie the scarf in a knot under your chin, tying slightly off center to the right or the left to avoid the “grandmotherly” look.

Take the longest end of the tie and make one more knot so that both ends of the scarf are approximately the same length.

Straighten the scarf so that it is angled to your preference. You many need to pin the top of the scarf to your scalp with bobby pins in order to hold it in place.


  • Do not be afraid to experiment with different ways of tying your head scarf.