Braiding your hair in Irish fashion is a creative way to express your passion for the culture or personal heritage. Historically, according to Bella Online, hair braiding is a long established custom for Irish brides. A standard three-strand braid remains classic in the Irish tradition. Exchanging one of the three strands of hair for a strand of pearls, for example, is a basic way Irish and other European brides during the medieval period would boost the attractiveness of the braid.

Things You'll Need

Wash and condition your hair. Dry your hair thoroughly.

Comb your hair to remove any knots. Measure the full length of your hair. Purchase a strand of pearls that matches the total length of your hair.

Clip one end of the pearl strand to the back of your head at center. Disguise the clip, if possible, by attaching it underneath your natural hair. The strand of pearls will act as your center strand (or strand two) during the braiding.

Grab two 1-inch clumps of hair at the root to the left and right side of the pearls. The left clump is considered strand one. The right clump is considered strand three.

Cross strand one over strand two. Pull the strands taught. Always pull the strands taught. Strand one is now at center. Cross strand three over the center strand. Strand three is now at center.

Cross the left strand over the center strand. Cross the right strand over the center strand. Continue until the braiding is complete. The pearls are now weaved throughout the braid. Tie the decorative ribbon at the end of the braid to secure the hold.