A sarong is a piece of colorful cloth that can be used for skirts, bandeaus, bathing suit cover-ups or dresses. Sarongs are typically made of lightweight, cool fabrics and can be worn as casual or elegant attire. Many different countries use the sarong as versatile clothing; it is also called pareo, kanga and toga depending on the area of the world you are from. Even men wear sarongs in some cultures. It is quite simple to tie a sarong into an easy-to-wear dress by following some basis steps.

Things You'll Need

Hold the fabric behind you with your arms outstretched and bring it to your chest area. If your sarong is quite large, you may need to fold it in half lengthwise to create a shorter dress.

Hold the top edges of the fabric in your fists and tie a square knot. If you are wearing it as a bathing suit cover-up, this is all you need to do.

Pin the sarong on the inside with large safety pins to provide complete coverage of your body if you are wearing it as a short dress. If you are forming a long dress, you only need to pin it so that the closure ends about knee length or shorter depending on how much modesty you desire.

Wrap any excess material from the knot around the ball it forms and then tuck the ends of the square knot underneath it inside the knot. This will form a rosette shape to adorn your dress.