Hemp is a natural fiber that originated in China. It has many uses; it can be used to make plastics, clothing, oil, paper products and fuel. Bracelets and necklaces can also be made from hemp, which looks somewhat like colored or beige string. These strings can be woven, plaited or tied with beads and buttons for decoration. If you have been given a hemp bracelet, or have made one yourself, simply tie into place with the button and loop fitting.

Things You'll Need

Button and Loop

Assess if there is a button and loop to affix the bracelet around your wrist. If you have a square knot hemp bracelet, it is likely to have a nodule at one end and a small loop hemp at the other end. You might need to pry apart the tightly knotted strings to find it.

Put the wrist you want to tie the hemp bracelet around flat on a surface, with your palm facing upward. Slide the hemp bracelet underneath your wrist.

Lift the button or bead up and hold that end of the bracelet against your wrist. Hold it in this position with the thumb of your other hand. Pull the other end of the bracelet over the wrist with your index finger. Scoop it up without letting go of your thumb.

Position the loop on top of the button or bead, and then press the loop firmly over the top of it. You might need to also use your middle finger to do this. If the hemp is still quite stiff, then you will need to press it firmly to stretch the loop over the bead.

Tie a Button and Loop

Attach a small button to one end of the hemp strings. Simple thread the string through the button holes and tie a double knot at the back to hold it in place.

Create a loop in the other of end of the string. Measure at what point to tie the loop. It needs to be in the right position so that the bracelet does not slip off your wrist. First, slide the bracelet underneath your wrist. Then, pull the end that does not have the button around, until it touches the button. Mark this point with a pen.

Tie a loop in the string at the same point where the marking is. Use an overhand knot; create a loop in the string, then feed the end back through the loop to secure it. Make sure that it is just slightly smaller than the button. The loop needs to be big enough so that the button fits through, but does not fall out.

Slip the bracelet around your wrist again. Now, push the button through the overhand knot. It is now tied on securely.