By Toi Troutman

Here is a great idea for any square scarf that you have lying around; perhaps one that you have not worn in a while. Maybe you can even borrow one from an older relative. This look will accent any outfit for a great weekend casual look and will compliment a cardigan and jeans or a comfortable skirt.

Cotton scarves

Though you can wear your scarf tied in this fashion with any top, if you are attempting to keep with a '50s theme, opt for a V-neck top or cardigan for the most authentic look.

Fold The Scarf To A Point


Place the unfolded scarf on a flat surface, and fold it in half to make a triangle shape. Be sure to match the tips.

Step 2

Fold the triangular tip inward to meet the straight edge of the scarf, creating somewhat of a trapezoid shape. Fold it in half again, if necessary, to create a rectangular shape.

Step 3

Hold the scarf with your thumb and forefinger on the triangular tip and lift it from the flat surface.

Step 4

Flip the scarf over so that the side showing more folds is now facing the floor, being sure to hold it securely so that it does not come apart.

Step 5

With the now smooth edge facing you, put the scarf around your neck with the triangular edge against the nape or back of your neck, just below your hairline.

Step 6

Using both hands, pull the hanging edges of the scarf forward toward the front of your neck, crossing the right edge over the left.

Step 7

Tie a simple knot with the free edges.

50s style tied scarf.

Gently move the scarf to the right or left of center--by grasping the knot and going in either direction--and allow the pointed edges to hang freely for a cute '50s-style look.