Tomato juice serves many purposes in the kitchen aside from a healthy beverage, namely as an addition to soups and sauces. When used as a flavoring agent for other food items, especially sauces, the thin consistency of tomato juice may have a negative affect on the consistency of the final product. Thicken tomato sauce before adding it to other food if thin consistency is undesirable. The addition of a natural ingredient quickly thickens tomato juice and has little to no affect on the flavor.

Things You'll Need

Combine 1 tbsp. of cornstarch with ½ cup cold water for every 3 cups of juice. Stir the ingredients until the cornstarch dissolves to make what is known as a cornstarch slurry. Vegetable broth or any other liquid can be used in place of water, if desired.

Reduce the heat of the tomato juice to low if it’s on the stove. The cornstarch slurry may not be as effective at high heats, according to Mark Bittman in his book “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.”

Pour the cornstarch slurry into the tomato juice. Stir the contents slowly until the slurry mixes in with the juice, about 30 seconds.

Allow the juice to set for five to 10 minutes and check the consistency. If desired, make another batch of the slurry and mix it in with the juice.


  • The cornstarch may cause the juice to develop a spongy texture when frozen.