A cubic zirconia is a gemstone that looks just like a diamond and is sometimes used in place of a diamond on different types of jewelry. Unfortunately, some scammers take advantage of the similar appearance between the two and will pass off the much less valuable cubic zirconia as a diamond. There are several tests you can perform to tell if your stone is a cubic zirconia or a real diamond.

Things You'll Need

Perform a transparency test. Hold your gemstone up to a piece of newspaper. If you can clearly see the newspaper print through the rock, it’s a cubic zirconia.

Breathe on the stone — this is called a fog test. If the gemstone in question fogs up and stays foggy, it’s a cubic zirconia. A diamond will clear the fog away quickly.

Weigh an actual cubic zirconia of the same size and then weigh your stone. A cubic zirconia is twice as heavy as a diamond of the same size. If the cubic zirconia you weigh is double the weight of your gemstone, you have a real diamond on your hands. If the weights are about the same, your stone is a cubic zirconia.